Friday, February 12, 2016

Found a way to break the iPhone by changing the date in the settings –

Netizens have found a way to break the iPhone using the translation system date in the device settings. The corresponding statement was published on Reddit.

If you manually change the date of January 1, 1970, and to restart the iPhone, then it freezes during the display of the logo and is no longer included. With such a problem faced by all iPhone, running on the A7 and newer processors. iOS version at the same time does not matter.

Restore smartphone with the reboot keys Home + Power will not work. Solve the problem helps only manual battery disconnection, which is carried out in a professional service.

One of Reddit users said that after the discharge of the battery and then charge your smartphone successfully joined and continued to function properly.

In early in February iPhone owners began en masse to complain about the “error 53″ – disable renovated in informal service centers iPhone after updating iOS 9. The reason turned out to be a replacement owners fingerprint scanner Touch ID. Apple explained locking security measures. The company stressed that the Touch ID sensor collects fingerprints smartphone owner’s fingers, which may be in the hands of the third.