Friday, May 22, 2015

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iPhone rescued a man from death. Telephone famous American brand Apple defended UK residents from bullets.

Photo: GLOBAL LOOK press

The life of 25-year-old resident of UK Daniel Kennedy was in danger, but was saved by a modern phone. The young man shot the attackers, but, fortunately, in your breast pocket of a young man was iPhone .

An unpleasant incident took place in a park in Widnes, located in Cheshire. Kennedy was walking alone. He noted that two teenagers twist the tap, thus cutting off the water around the area.

The British made the remark hooligans, but they not only did not stop, but also behaved aggressively. “One of the young people, without hearing me, grabbed something brilliant, and a second later I was blinded by the flash. Something sharp struck me in the chest and I fell. After recovering from the shock, I realized that I was shot “, – quotes the edition of Kennedy’s The Mirror.

He says that for him the attack was a complete surprise, since he could not have imagined that 19-year-old armed attackers. At the same time Kennedy stresses that only survived thanks to the phone .

It turned out that the product is known of Apple, was in the breast pocket of the victim, took over the entire stroke. Therefore, the body of the British do not have even a scratch.

It should be noted that the police found the gunman hooligan pretty quickly. Also, police conducted a search at his home and found in the backyard of several caches of firearms. In June, the court held.