Tuesday, April 28, 2015

IPhone sales in China have provided Apple record quarterly figures – Bulletin

During January – March 2015 net profit Apple had grown by 33% year on year to $ 13.57 billion, compared to $ 10, 22 billion a year earlier. Earnings per share increased by 40.3% to $ 2.33 at the forecast of $ 2.16. As stated in the report of the company for the II quarter of the financial year ended March 28 is the best result of the II quarter fingoda in the history of the company. Apple’s revenue for the quarter was $ 58.01 billion, which is 27% higher than last year.

Company-related revenue growth with good sales of iPhones latest models. During the reporting quarter, the company sold 61.2 million smartphones, which is 40% higher than a year earlier. The growth of smartphone sales recorded in the first place due to the emerging markets. IPhones sales in China soared by 72%. “Equally impressive performance quarter largely resulted from strong demand in the current year on the iPhone 6 on the Chinese domestic market,” – said analyst service JMP Securities LLC Alex Gauna (quoted by TASS).

For the reporting quarter in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan smartphones Apple sold a total of $ 16.8 billion versus $ 9.84 billion a year earlier. In Europe, sales of the iPhone brought the company $ 12.2 billion in the Americas – $ 21.3 billion. Thus, the region became the second Chinese market for Apple’s smartphone sales. Soaring sales in China contributed to the fact that the reporting period has captured the Chinese New Year, the period of traditional purchases of gifts, as well as the expansion of the retail network of Apple in China. Now in this region, the company 21 stores by mid-2016, it plans to double the number of outlets. In addition, the report said Apple, China has become the only region where in March continued revenue growth. Tim Cook said that the main buyers of smartphones in China were the representatives of the growing middle class: “This is the basis of our sales, and we are very proud of it and will continue to invest in this country” (quoted by CNet).

During the teleconference Cook named selling iPhone “fantastic”, the proceeds from these sales grew by 55% year on year, while emerging markets growth rate was 63% yoy. He also noted that the last quarter was the best in the history of App Store, which has made buying a record number of customers and where revenue increased during the year by a record 29%.

For the fiscal half-year – and the new IPhone company launched the sale of about six months ago – Apple’s net profit increased by 35.6% to $ 31.593 billion, earnings per share were $ 5.39 versus $ 3.74 a year ago. Half-year revenues amounted to $ 132.6 billion from $ 103.24 billion a year earlier. CEO of Apple, Tim Cook told The Wall Street Journal, that the latest iPhone model helped increase the inflow of customers from competing manufacturers: according to him, the number of customers be “defectors” was higher than the previous models after the launch of the company’s smartphones.

“We also continue to challenge the global trend to decline in PC sales,” – said Cook. With the decline of the market by 7%, according to the IVC, Mac sales increased by “a double-digit percentage,” he said. According to Cook, Apple is waiting for a bright start of sales of smart hours Apple Watch in June, while the gadget is available only upon request.

Apple also announced that the amount of free cash on its books rose to $ 194 billion.