Friday, October 21, 2016

The iPhone found the secret “one-handed” keyboard – Ferra

Programmer Steve Troughton-Smith (Steve Troughton-Smith), is well known in the field of iOS and jailbreaking, found hidden code in iOS unusual keyboard heknow simulator the iOS Simulator. As the developer, this keyboard had there at least since iOS 8, but this time was not available to users.

This keyboard is activated by swipe from the edge of the screen and allows typing with one hand. And provide options to the pave and left hands. Free space on the edges selected under the items to copy/cut/paste, and other buttons are clipped by the width to set.

it’s unclear why Apple has not implemented this option, because it would have been particularly convenient with the growth of the size of the iPhone. According to Troughton-Smith, potentially a keyboard you can invoke on an actual iPhone, as well as he did in the simulator, but for that the phone must be jailbroken.