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The truth about the restored iPhone 5s in Russia – Mail.Ru

Recently, the largest online store for Russia appeared unusual to have the goods. This “iPhone 5s as new” with 16 GB of memory. The device is recovered and tested for “apple” iPhone factories and is located 25 thousand rubles, while for a truly new device will have to pay 39,990 rubles official. The essential difference, is not it? Representatives of retailers told Hi-Tech Mail.Ru about this unique offer.

The program of sales of updated device operates at Apple for many years – the company implements such devices, including through its own online store, for example, in the United States. “As the new iPhone” – it used earlier buyers worldwide devices Apple, which are factory recovery process, and replacement of the housing of the screen before you find a new owner. For example, the phone could be exchanged on the trade-in program in the stores Apple store, or in the gadget could be detected factory defect – for example, the dynamics of marriage. Customer changed it to a new one. Then gadget defective plant was handed over at Apple, where the defect has been eliminated – replaced the speaker. After that, such a device also turns me on screen and housing (as in the course of operation they could be a little scratched). After that it is packed in a box equipped with a new charger and headphones. This is a fully functional unit with complete set of documentation. Such devices have a 1 year factory warranty. But in order for the client to understand the difference, it called the iPhone a “recovery” – that it was easy to distinguish from new.

Phones further tested, and have no defects. If the buyer discovers the marriage, then the gadget, the same guarantees as a new device. User access to all the benefits of servicing Apple.

In Russia, the first partner of the brand, which sells such devices our country has become a “Messenger”. Soup retailer receives directly from Apple and sells at the price of 24 990 rubles. “For customers the advantages of buying these gadgets are obvious. The client receives in fact the new device with all the benefits and guarantees of Apple, but at a significantly reduced price”, – told in the press service of “liaison” . The reaction of buyers to the novelty was positive: “ This is due to the fact that the buyer, seeing the item card description of the gadget or getting advice on the device in the store, understanding that in fact receives a new device. The card product iPhone 5S 16 Gb for details about what a given device, completely describes the process that runs the gadget to hit on the store shelf.

“Regarding the” iPhone 5 s as a new ” it was immediately obvious, this product at this price is doomed to success, which is confirmed by our current sale, – says the press service of the company “Technosila” . – At the moment we offer iPhone 5 S as a new at the lowest possible cost 22,990 rubles “. The” Technosila “believe, that the emergence of such a product on the Russian market is primarily due to the company’s desire Apple to increase its share by providing modern products in the price range that they can not cover the basic models in the new ruble exchange rate. ” In any case, it is worth noting that the current party – it is rather the pilot, since relatively small quantities for the market. We are pleased to support all initiatives of producers aimed at providing the best products at the lowest price , – said in” Technosila “.

“Running sales recovered” iPhone “, Apple opened a new price range, from which left in December 2014, – says Maxim Devyatkin, head of “Digital technology” company “Yulmart” . – We are seeing tremendous demand for refurbished iPhones. They are much cheaper than new devices – such as a new iPhone 5 s is in “Yulmart” 32,990 rubles, official store Apple – 39 990 rubles. The reduced model we sell for 22,990 rubles “. on all comers is not enough goods, from distributors” iPhone 5s as the new “is no longer available, and the exact date of delivery until the next batch is unknown in Russia, told Maxim Deviatkin.

“5S at the moment, along with the 5 & amp; 4S – is the most popular model in the sales of all the “iPhone” – to a greater extent this is due to the price, – says Representative of “M. Video” Anton Panteleev . – M asses the production of these models is minimized and support demand through the restored machines will be the most correct way. Buyers in remanufactured devices react very positively, since the device itself is essentially a completely new, except for some details, such as CPU or memory slot. Within 5 days from the date of their appearance, without any promo, we have already sold more than a thousand iPhones restored “. The” M. Video “for this iPhone 5s asking 22,990 rubles.

Also, for more than two weeks of recovery iPhone sold in “El Dorado”. According to the Alexei Serdyuchenko, vice president of purchasing the company “Eldorado” , on a device there is a very high demand . “The output of the product to the Russian market right now can be explained by the fact that enough time has passed since the release of iPhone 6, buyers began to take previously purchased iPhone 5s and acquire” six “and Apple’s desire to sell more units of the by really attractive price offer “, – said Alexei Serdyuchenko. At the moment, the retailer has sold several thousand restored iPhone 5s.

Well, apparently the phrase” reconstituted iPhone “not a bit afraid of the Russians do not. It is hoped that the new party will come and modifications with more memory.

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