Thursday, October 23, 2014

Apple patented driving with iPhone – Russian Newspaper

Apple granted patent on the technology of information exchange between the smartphone and the car and control some of the functions of the latter, said Appleinsider.

Thanks to new technology smart phone can communicate with the car software such CarPlay (app Apple, the iPhone turns the car with the motor). On the mobile device can be controlled door locks, you can find out the location of car and its main parameters – fuel tank, for example.

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The car itself is able to control the movement of the owner and open the door or trunk to meet him. Using a smartphone, you can set up “control zone” for the car – for example, when approaching the owner of two meters to the driver’s door, she unlocked.

The car is ready to send the message to his master, when traveling and parking, with exact coordinates . And when the owner will be in the area within reach on a frosty day, the machine will include heating and heated seats … Great attention is paid to safety: the car engine will not start until CarPlay is satisfied that the wheel is not just the owner or authorized to travel without it.

As described in the patent application, the data exchange can be used Bluetooth LE (wireless communications technology through the air with low power consumption). In case the vehicle is connected to the wireless Internet, it is possible, for example, to watch his movements through the service Find My Friends.

A patent application for the technology was filed in 2012, but the patent Apple has only now. Basic functionality supported CarPlay, allowing the use of smart phone in the car in the mode of hands free, appeared in the iPhone six months ago.