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Five things you need to know about the iPhone 6 – BBC

Premiere iPhone 6 is getting closer: according to recent data, mass production will begin next week. “Times” has gathered the latest news about the next generation smartphones from Apple.

few things about the new iPhone are known for sure: Apple is preparing two models, and they will both be larger than several previous models. Beginning with the iPhone 5, diagonal display smartphones from Apple was 4 inches. iPhone 6 will have a display with a diagonal of 4.7” and 5.5”. It is also known that the presentation of iPhone 6 will be held in September – exactly one year after having been announced iPhone 5s and 5c.

Now sources and analysts have reported a new wave of information about upcoming gadgets.


Increased battery capacity – one of the main wishes of the users iPhone, along with the size of the screen. In early July, Samsung, constantly teased Apple, even devoted to this ad, in which users have called iPhone «tethered to a wall outlet».

first rumors about the increasing power of the battery appeared last week. Then on a Chinese website was reported that the new iPhone model will work without charging a little longer than last year’s iPhone: if “fifth» iPhone battery was 1440-1560 mA / h, then 4, 7-inch gadget will get the battery capacity of 1800-1900 mA / h, and fablet smartphone version ( fablet – a smartphone with a 5.5 inch screen more ) – 2500 mA / h Now the French edition published Nowhereelse photo confirming it.

The photo shows a battery capacity of 1810 mA / h, collected in China by Huizhou Desay Battery. Desay previously mentioned as one of the suppliers of batteries for iPhone 6 – sources told about this Chinese edition of United Daily News.

expected that the iPhone 6 will be 7 mm thick, and their batteries will be just thick 2 mm – one-third thinner than the batteries used in iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

main problem of almost any modern smartphone, many users call insufficient battery capacity, says head of mobile and digital devices J’son & ; Partners Consulting Eugene Almine. “Most of today’s smartphones in active use is discharged in less than a day. I venture to suggest that increasing the size of the new iPhone model may be due to the fact that such a device will fit most size battery, which means that the device will operate longer, “- said the expert.


main camera next iPhone model will receive a 13-megapixel sensor, a custom Sony, G4Games portal reported this week.

Earlier it was reported that the 8-megapixel camera iSight, which Apple introduced with the iPhone 4s and continued to use the iPhone 5s, and go to the sixth iPhone – of course, with significant improvements.

Sapphire Display for iPhone-fableta

Sapphire clearly be part of the next iPhone, but according to JP Morgan Securities, it will be used sparingly. As representatives of the investment firm edition Taipei Times, at the time of launch of the iPhone 6 will be made only 10 million gadgets with sapphire display.

As a result, Apple will use this material only for one model of the iPhone 6.

«Sapphire displays will be designed for the iPhone 6 is more responsible for the high class, possibly with 128 GB of memory, “- said in a statement JP Morgan.

talk about it and KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, whose information about the new device from Apple has been repeatedly confirmed. According to her, sapphire displays will get 5.5-inch iPhone with 128 GB of memory.

One iPhone or two?

Presentation iPhone 6 is scheduled for mid-September this year. However, it is possible that in early autumn will be represented only 4.7-inch model, and the launch of Apple’s fableta may be postponed until January 2015, predicts Ming-Chi Kuo.

reason for the delay, according to Kuo, production problems faced by Apple in the manufacture of a larger gadget. Problems related to uneven color casing and sensor cells.

Kuo notes that Apple could deal with these difficulties before, but in any case the device will go on sale until mid-fourth quarter.

Taiwanese edition EconomicDailyNews reports that factory Foxconn, a contract manufacturer is a priority of new iPhone, the gadget will start production in the near future.

According to sources, publications, production of 4.7-inch iPhone will start in the third week of July, and 5.5-inch model will be released in the second week of August. Almost a month delay at the start of mass production reinforces expectations of a later start of sales fableta.


Even almost a year after the presentation of iPhone 5s remains incredibly successful buyers: according to research firm Sounterpoint In May 2014 Apple sold 7 million iPhone 5s. Moreover, its direct competitor, the flagship Samsung Galaxy S5, is less popular in May were sold five million of these smartphones, despite the fact that the Galaxy S5 – much more “fresh” gadget.

After the presentation of new products Apple lowers the price on older devices that can only spur even more buying interest in iPhone 5s. However, experts believe that this gadget will not compete with the “enhanced” models of the gadget in the battle for the wallets of customers.

«Many users, especially those who are willing to pay more than 25 thousand rubles. for a new smartphone certainly await the start of sales of new flagships. Even a price reduction on the previous model will not stop such a category of consumers and fans from buying new “, – convinced consultant telecom market research company GfK Lydia Kichkildeeva. Moreover, a substantial price reduction on the old line, as in the past year, we can hardly expect before New Year sales, she said.

Analyst “Investkafe” Timur Nigmatullin also sees risks reducing the demand for new gadget: “Now the eurozone and Japan show an acceleration in economic growth, which is likely to have a positive impact on sales. Since the technique Apple is focused on the middle and high price segment, new versions of gadgets bought regardless of the price of the old line of gadgets ».

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