Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Before the rise of prices in Moscow stores bought stocks iPhone – RBC

Apple has notified the price increase

Apple urged its partners to increase the price of the iPhone and other equipment, told RBC representatives “M. Video” “Eldorado”, “The Messenger”, “Megaphone” and “Yulmart.” Retailers have already changed the price on their websites.

Prices of iPhone 6 now start from 39 990 rub. instead of 31,990 rubles., the iPhone 6 Plus – from 46 thousand. 990 rubles. instead of 36 thousand. 990 rubles. The new price of the iPhone 6 to 16 GB corresponds to € 701 – it is equal to the cost of the same model in Germany. Previously, due to the weakening of the ruble price of Apple products remained the lowest in Europe.

Apple has officially changed prices at midnight on November 26 after a Russian online store of the company was unavailable for more than a day.

Apple recommended to increase prices on all products, but the price of iPhone 4S will remain unchanged in the “Eldorado”, said a representative of the store Irina Tseplinskaya. “We understand that not all buyers can afford a new model of iPhone», – she said. According Tseplinskoy, the cost of smart phones has changed today, and went up the old model iPhone 5S – c 24,990 rubles to 29,990 rubles.

In “M. Video” prices have changed for all categories of products, including Mac and iPad. Price online retailer for iPad mini 3 16GB rose from 19 490 rubles. up to 24,490 rubles.

MTS works on iPhone sales through distributors – “Merlion” and “Dihaus” without entering into direct commercial agreement with Apple, said the representative of the operator Dmitry Solodovnikov. According to him, MTS will adjust prices following the change in purchase prices from distributors. Source RBC among retailers said that “Merlion” and “Dihaus” has changed the purchase price after the competition. The site MTS now entering the old prices for all models iPhone, but the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is not available.

The price increase was expected since a strong change of cross-exchange rates for a long time affects the value of art produced abroad, said a representative of “The Messenger” Maria Zaikina. At first, the rising cost may affect the sales of the iPhone in kind, but because of the peak sales before Christmas it should go unnoticed for retailers, says Zaikina. In monetary circulation Apple will continue to go in the top three in sales of smartphones in Russia in rubles, she predicts.

The deficit of goods

Before rising prices buyers snapped up nearly all available from sellers in the sale of machinery Apple. On Web sites, “Eldorado”, “M. Video”, “connected”, “Yulmart”, “Megaphone” and MTS “Six» iPhone is not available. The operator Yota, who launched the sale of new smartphones from Apple November 24, all models of iPhone 6 sold out in three days, his spokesman told Lina Udovenko. A new batch of devices Yota will buy an adjusted price, but when it does, the company could not answer.

The “Eldorado” almost out of stock devices Apple, said Tseplinskaya, their appearance is expected next week. The cabin communication “Beeline” at ul. Highway, 1 correspondent RBC told on the phone that the iPhone 6 is not commercially available in the entire network, but they are expected next week.

At the point of sale “Megaphone” on the street. UNION is also no “Sixth» iPhone, found reports RBC.

This week in “Yulmart” planned limited supply of the products Apple, a company spokesman told Maxim Deviatkin. On Friday the device should appear on the website of the company, he added.

The reason for emptying the shelves can be depreciation of the ruble: this factor stimulates consumption, said a representative of “The Messenger”. The company notes a significant increase in demand for all products in its network since early November compared with the same period last year.

In Apple did not respond to a request RBC.

Samsung cuts prices

The Korean manufacturer Samsung, on the other hand, reduced the price of a number of models Galaxy, including the masthead unit on the Galaxy S5, which will be sold for 24,490 instead of 27,490 rubles. Lowering temporarily: use the discount will be from November 25 until December 12, the company said. Earlier, Samsung said Cyril Tambovtsev RBC that the company may raise prices on some models of smartphones by 5%, but the company decided to temporarily revise prices on other phones, in order to increase sales predpraznichnoe time, told Tambovtsev. In the future, selective revision of prices, he added.

During the year, some manufacturers adjust prices by 5-7%, says Panteleyev. According to him, the flagship model of HTC and Sony in 2014 were worth at the start of a little more expensive than similar models from the previous year.

The gradual rise in prices for electronics, including second-tier brands, occurs from mid-November, says representative “Yulmart.” As for Samsung, the increase in prices really touched on some models, but the price of the basic device manufacturer has not changed, he said.

Many manufacturers of mobile devices and electronics change the selling prices of their products to the Russian market, so retail Prices in networks of distributors are also subject to adjustment, told the representative of “VimpelCom” Anna Aybasheva. She did not elaborate on what exactly the models in question.

A small price increase has been observed – for example, manufacturers of accessories, as well as a number of brands of inexpensive smartphones and tablets, says Zaikina. According to her, the device cost 2-3 thousand. Rub. increase prices by 10% – is 200-300 rubles., and users of this almost do not notice.