Saturday, September 24, 2016

Вести.Ru: iPhone 7 drill a hole in the gadgets to. Вести.Ru

In the Internet appeared the video that explains to the owners of the new iPhone, how to drill a hole for headphones to their smartphone. Some users followed the advice given by the author of the video, and was surprised by the result, writes the newspaper the Sun.

the fact that Apple abandoned the traditional headphone Jack to create the iPhone 7. This allows to save some space for the chip that makes the phone more powerful.

Instead of the usual headphones, the user is prompted to use the devices connecting to the phone via Bluetooth. However, this innovation is not only clear to all your users and find a video on YouTube that offers to make the connector, some have followed the instructions and received a broken phone.

the author of the video proposes to hold the gadget in a Vice and drill to drill a hole with a diameter of 3.5 mm. At the moment the video got over 8 million views.

Enraged users have left comments under the video. So, one of them writes: “I did as shown and now I broke the display and the phone does not work. I made the biggest mistake of your life by watching this video”.

on 23 September in Russia started selling the iPhone 7. On the first day, hundreds of people stood in line at GUM to a new Apple product.The most resourceful citizens even managed to sell their place in it.