Monday, March 2, 2015

Photos on iPhone, breathtaking – News Hi-Tech

Samsung is during the presentation of the smartphone Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge at the exhibition Mobile World Congress 2015 threw a couple of stones in the garden of Apple. They say the camera the iPhone and iPhone 6 6 Plus is not very good, but in a couple of new “Galaxy” on board to 16 megapixels and bright lenses f1.9. It is not clear how much this will remove the news Samsung and whether the quality of images, focus speed and start time application chamber bypass iPhone 6, however, Apple has created a special section devoted to the photographic capabilities of their devices.

As know, the iPhone camera is one of the most popular in the world according to Flickr. Not hard to guess that many professional photographers from time to time to put aside their huge cameras and taking up the smart phone to make a couple of shots. Of course, in this situation turn out incredibly beautiful pictures that and decided to demonstrate to the public the company Apple.

Frankly, in many cases, it is not believed that the published photos were taken by the camera of your smartphone. However, each picture has a brief description, the name of the photographer, as well as added information about which applications are used for capturing and processing. Below we offer a look at a few examples of photos that can be obtained at the camera iPhone, a complete list of works available at Apple.

Photographer: Gabby K.

Application: Camera, VSCO Cam®

Photographer: Andrew P.

Application: Camera

Photographer: Dawn D.

Application: Camera, Snapseed

Accessories: olloclip Photo Lens

Photographer: Cole R.

Application: Camera

Photographer: Shan L.

Application: Camera, Snapseed, Instagram

Photographer: Jun I.

Application: Camera, Snapseed, VSCO Cam®, Adobe Photoshop Express

Photographer: Alastair B.

Application: Camera

Photographer: Karla R.

Application: Camera, VSCO Cam®